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Do You Have An Abnormal Growth on Your Head or Neck?

When a mass grows in such an important portion of your body, you want answers that are as quick as they are correct. Examinations and imaging have uncovered a thyroid nodule in as many as half of people who are 60 or under.


With the proper care from ENT Surgical Group PC of Kingston, PA, you will be able to establish the cause and existing cure for these upsetting growths.

Uncovering and treating thyroid nodules

Just above your breastbone, at the base of your neck rests your thyroid gland. For reasons ranging from iodine deficiency to cancer, you may develop a thyroid nodule which can be solid or fluid filled. These lumps may not cause any symptoms and the majority are not serious. A routine medical exam by ENT Surgical Group PC will discover any nodules and treatment can begin.

Trust us if your nodule becomes a goiter

If your nodule has enlarged your thyroid gland, you have developed a goiter. Treatment options vary for goiters depending on whether you have a simple enlargement or have developed a “multinodular goiter”, in which case several distinct nodules have clumped together inside the goiter. Depending on the cause, treatments can range from radioactive iodine to surgery.

You will always be treated with state-of-the-art equipment for all of your medical needs!


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Multiple treatment options are available to you

Your options are virtually unlimited and the treatments you receive will be as progressive as modern medicine allows. You can start with an ultrasound to gain information on sizes and shapes of your cysts. When we determine if your cysts are benign or malignant, we can work with you to create a plan to remove the cyst.

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